Friday, January 2, 2015

Attractiveness in the 3 "Races" of Human

This picture, its shapes and its flavors, represents the longstanding overall ideals of beauty in the main three races: mongoloid, negroid, and caucasoid. This is a post about generalities and does not speak for the opinions of individuals.

Chocolate and Squares

Black people (as today's lingo goes), I prefer chocolate, focus on a strong, solid foundation, and tend to favor more extremities which balances. Chocolates focus on deepness in hair, muscle thickness, fat deposits, skin tone, and eye color. Chocolates see those who take up more area as attractive. Hair tends to be as wide as it is long. Wide hips and bone structure in general is favorable. A shapely and fierce eye shape is most important when speaking of the eyes. Assertiveness, warmth, and strength (think lions, i.e. the royalty of the jungle), in women and in men, is desirable and most attractive.

Nature Symbol: Earth (Mammals)

Highlights: Latitudinousness

Defining Factor: Muscle and Fat

Most Popular Makeup Element: Glow

Cooking Relations: Roasting

Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding favors a child-like innocence and subtleness in appearance. Even the adult woman, strives to be cute and youthful. Balance and leanness without extremities is lauded. A smooth, long line with no overly distracting bumps are important features is important.  Hair should be thick, but more importantly long and straight. Details like hairline, forehead length, pore size, and neck length are inspected closely. When examining the eyes, the most important factors are the iris circumference, eye wideness and overall expressivity. Overall body petiteness and darkness and thickness in color of eye and hair, in the image of youth and children, is valued. Femininity is seen in fluid and steady movements and actions. Masculinity is idolized in the little-spoken and mysterious scholar.

Nature Symbol: Water (Fish)

Highlights: Svelteness

Defining Factor: Skin

Most Popular Makeup Element: Dewy

Cooking Relations: Steaming

Whip Cream

Whip Cream favors unique irregularities and unbalanced extremities (think chest). Lightness that is surprisingly heavy in certain places and prominently defined structure. Looking sharp and precise to a point is preferred. Hair tends to be voluminous, and at the same time long and tapering. Lean and limber bodies with assured peak points are opted for. In the eyes iris color is most important. The matured beauty is most attractive. Femininity is considered docility with surprising and heightening elements of personality. Masculinity is idolized in the image of an adventurer.

Nature Symbol: Air (Bird)

Highlights: Suppleness

Defining Factor: Bone

Most Popular Makeup Feature: Matte

Cooking Relations: Baking

Do you have any other speculations on the perceived beauty of these three races?


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